Taking Turns

Taking Turns is a Helsinki-based company founded by speech and language therapist and PhD candidate Sirpa Tarvainen. Taking Turns provides training for professionals based on recent research evidence. Our passion is the continual development of evidence-based practice, and accordingly we seek to brighten the future scenarios of individuals with linguistic difficulties.


Taking Turns provides lectures and workshops for professionals, especially speech and language therapists, who work on evaluating and rehabilitating children’s linguistic skills. The topics of the courses are mainly related to enhancing oral language comprehension in children and adolescents with developmental language disorder.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy aims at improving the ability to interact and communicate in daily life. It consists of assessment, planning and carrying out the intervention in an individual or group therapy setting. Speech and language therapy also includes consultation with, and guidance of significant people in the client’s immediate environment. Speech and language therapy can be provided only by a qualified speech and language therapist.

Comments on the Oral language comprehension intervention, Parts I & II webinars:

“All SLPs should do this course!”
“Fantastic workshops! Lots of inspirational tools and concrete methods to use in my daily work.”
“I can’t express enough the value of a course this hands-on and practical.”
“A very good workshop! So informative and very applicable on how to do things in the clinic – hands-on. So helpful, feeling so inspired to start testing new ways to support the patients in the clinic :)”
“Prior to the workshops I felt that I did not have enough information to give intervention with a focus on oral language comprehension.”
“Lots of new research and nice to see that I am already on track in my intervention.”
“The content was very clearly communicated and with many useful examples.”
“The content in the workshop was good. It was good that I learned so many new methods and how I can think when I choose a special technique or plan a new intervention.”
“Thank you for a fantastic course! I will recommend it to everyone :)”

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