Oral language comprehension interventions in children and adolescents with language disorders or difficulties

Webinar, 17th of September 2024, at 9-17 Central European Time (CET)

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Course Info

The aim of the workshop is to offer information about enhancing oral language comprehension in children (1-16 years), who have language disorders or difficulties. This practical course offers an overview of oral language comprehension enhancement. After the course, the participant can apply new information to this overview and apply acquired knowledge into practice. The course is meant for speech and language therapists who work with children.

During this course, we will discuss the three different areas on which the intervention can focus and two approaches that can be used in the intervention. In addition, individual therapy techniques as well as the strength of evidence and efficacy of each technique are addressed. We will go through how a child’s age affects the choice of therapy techniques. During the workshop, the participants will make a preliminary intervention plan for one client. Each participant is therefore asked to bring one client case with them. The necessary info is the age of the child, short background information, linguistic difficulties, and how the difficulties affect everyday life.

The courses are given by Sirpa Tarvainen, MA, speech and language therapist and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Helsinki. The content of this course is based on her ongoing dissertation. This is combined with her experience in clinical practice.

The price of the workshop is €269 (including VAT 24%) which is approximately £245 / SEK2789 / NOK2876 / DKK2000. Digital workshop material is included. For inquiries about the courses please send an email, info@takingturns.eu, or call +358 40 7090 976. The registration is binding, but the right to participate can be transferred to another person. Please sign in through the electronic form below. The maximum number of participants is 40. If there are fewer than 7 participants, the workshop may be canceled.

Content of the Course

The risks related to difficulties in oral language comprehension.

Who are we talking about when we talk about children with oral language comprehension difficulties? Defining the terms, specific language impairment versus developmental language disorder.

Can oral language comprehension difficulties be ameliorated? Previous knowledge about oral language comprehension interventions and their efficacy.

Exercise: Techniques to enhance oral language comprehension.

Conceptualizing oral language comprehension rehabilitation. Three different areas which interventions can target.

Therapy techniques modifying the communicative environment of the child. Strength of evidence and efficacy of these techniques.

Therapy techniques targeting the child’s language. Strength of evidence and efficacy of these techniques.

Therapy techniques targeting the child’s language processing. Strength of evidence and efficacy of these techniques.

The framework of oral language comprehension interventions. Three different areas that interventions can target and two different approaches which can be used in interventions.

The age of the child in comparison to the previously mentioned areas and approaches. Implicit and explicit therapy techniques and a possible explanation: Procedural Deficit Hypothesis.

Reflecting upon this knowledge with one’s own client. Making a preliminary intervention plan. Discussion.

Linguistic difficulties, risks versus resilience.

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    The registration is binding, but the right to participate can be transferred to another person. If there are not enough registered participants, Taking Turns has the right to cancel the course.


    National University of Ireland Galway, School of Health Sciences, Discipline of Speech & Language Therapy, Senior Lecturer & Head of Discipline, Dr. Rena Lyons

    University of Oslo, Department of Special Needs Education, Professor Emeritus, Anne-Lise Rygvold

    City of Vantaa, Health Services, Rehabilitation / Speech and Language Therapy, Head of Speech and Language Therapy Sinikka Hannus

    City of Helsinki, Social and Health Care Services, Special Services for Families, Children’s Speech and Language Therapy, Head of Speech and Language Therapy Päivi Lehmusvuori

    CogniMed, Head of District, Speech and Language Therapist Maiju Laitinen

    The Swedish Association of Speech and Language Pathologists (Logopedförbundet), Course coordinator, Julia Andersson

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