Aiemmin toteutunut koulutus: Behaviour change techniques in speech and language therapy


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Are you hoping for a change in communication behaviour regarding someone close to your client, but not seeing much change?

Would you like to learn about possible mechanisms to support your client and their families change their communication behaviour?

If your answer to either of these questions is yes, we invite you to attend our dedicated workshop ‘Behaviour change techniques in speech and language therapy’. This workshop aims to provide the essential knowledge about behaviour change in speech and language therapy. Behaviour change refers to the theory behind the cause of change in all human behaviour, including communication. The webinar will detail why this is relevant to all SLTs, and how it underpins, and therefore can promote and support, evidence-based planning and intervention for our clients. We will analyse the difference between the content of interventions and the techniques we use to deliver them. We will examine the content/technique dichotomy in both therapist-child interactions, and also in ‘indirect’ interventions, where a therapist trains others (for example parents or childcare and educational professionals). There will be a particular focus on how the techniques used by SLTs can support speech and language in the early years (between 0-4), but the information is also highly applicable to older children. There will be an opportunity to apply the information presented to therapist’s own practice, with the aim that attendees will take away a ‘toolkit’ of techniques they can use to improve outcomes for their clients.

This workshop will be online and will be conducted in English, therefore care will be taken to allow extra time for attendees’ comprehension and questions. Participants are advised to bring one client case and therapy plan with them of a client aged between 0-7 with a speech or language difficulty whose presentation and care is typical of their caseload.

The webinar is a one-off event organized by Speech and Language Therapy Service Taking Turns (Vuorovaikutus, Sirpa Tarvainen). The workshop is given by Dr. Sarah Barnett who is a trained speech and language therapist specialising in the early years. She is a lecturer at the University of Newcastle, and completed her PhD on behaviour change in parent-led language interventions.

The cost of the webinar is 249€ (incl. VAT 24%). For inquiries about the courses please send an email,, or call +358 40 7090 976. The registration is binding, but the right to participate can be transferred to another person. The maximum number of participants is 40. If there are fewer than 10 participants, the workshop may be cancelled. Please sign in through the electronic form below.

Koulutuksen sisältö

Introduction and goals for the webinar

What has speech and language therapy got to do with behaviour change?

Introduction to the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy

Applying Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy to therapist-child interactions and interventions

Applying Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy to therapist-parent/professional interactions

Applying Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy to parent/professional-child interactions

Revisit goals and wrap up

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